Meher Baba commented, when asked by Mehera what should be done with some worn out clothing:

"You have no idea what just one scrap of My sadhra will mean to the world in the future."


Baba's Silk Coat Arrives At The London Baba Centre


Beloved Baba's pink silk coat, given by Mehera for the opening of Oceanic in 1976, has now been entrusted to the care of the Meher Baba Association.


The coat is made of delicate silk and has some fading.


We aim to strike a balance between displaying it and preserving it for future generations, by storing it under archival conditions and displaying it at regular intervals; once we have the appropriate display equipment.

Baba's Silk Coat
Maria Radoje receiving the coat on behalf of the MBA 19th June.2015

Baba's sadhra

In the UK we have been entrusted with a variety of items including garlands that Baba wore or touched, personal clothing, a lock of His hair and a pair of His sandals, passed on to the MBA by such dear ones as Delia de Leon, Fred Marks and others.


Because Baba Himself indicated how precious these items are, we take seriously our responsibility to preserve them for future generations of Baba lovers in the UK.


In order to do this the MBA has established an Archives Team.


In 2014 we have managed to rehouse all the artefacts associated with Baba's life into acid free boxes lined with tissue, and made an inventory of all these precious items.


Our longer term aims are to provide climate controlled display cases, and fire-proof storage to fully secure the collection.

Baba's Garland

'Mastery In Servitude' Tomb Cloth        

Textile Rosette from 1962 East-West Gathering

Rachel Dymond rehouses a document

The team have also been learning document rehousing following on from training received at the MEM in Meherabad. We are also blessed with numerous original documents pertaining to the different phases of Baba's life, which are currently being cleaned by the team, then rehoused in acid free folders. It is a lengthy process as there are so many items, but once this has been completed, we aim to scan and record them into a database which will be available for online research.

Sue Chapman (centre) coaching Keith Ashton and Jane Hoskin

The next page gives information about Billy Nichols' CD, which has been raising funds for the equipment we need to help preserve our archives for the future. To find out more about this wonderful CD and how to buy a copy  >click here.

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