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Bhakti , when it takes the form of devotional art, has a whole range of outward expression. As well as painting, the sculptural arts and architecture, dance, drama, music, singing and poetry also praise, glorify and revere the Divine. In The Ancient One, Eruch describes a visit to the Ellora Caves with Baba, “where the disciples of Buddha had carved out the most exquisite images of the Lord. Baba admired their work and remarked, ‘My visit to these is in answer to their adoration, to their longing, to their devotion’.


In this day and age we can surf the ocean of Baba’s Internet and share the adoration, longing and devotion of His lovers, especially those who work as artists, painting not only images of the Beloved but also scenes from His life and envisioned glimpses of His appearance in many different settings.


A selection of their websites is featured here. Time spent visiting these collections is like being in Baba’s presence as seen through the eyes and inner vision of the artists. We can pause for a moment and imagine the effect on each artist of her or his constant, intense focus on the face and form of the Lord, and wonder how, often while working from the same original photograph, His artists offer us highly individualised perceptions of the One, a diversity of perception we can share in a way that makes everything part of the Truth.


Website details are given below under each artist’s name. Some are still under construction and in one instance an email address is given pending further development. The paintings of many of these artists are featured on the major  website under ‘Artworks’ where the works of still yet more artists as well as offerings from Baba’s poets and musicians can also be found. It should also be noted that the selection of websites featured here is by no means comprehensive.


Balagopala. Bhaskara Raju

Charlie Mills


Go to the above website to read a full article about this artist, who died in October 2011 aged 93. Click on the link to view two of his portraits of Meher Baba. Described simply as an ‘artist, performer and teacher in Andhra Pradesh’and well known to many Baba lovers, his work is extensive and spectacular. The two portraits of Meher Baba displayed here come from a collection of hundreds of paintings done by this artist and demonstrate something of the stunning intensity of colour and feeling he put into his work.

Charlie MillsCharlie Mills began painting Meher Baba in 1979 and has completed more than 200 works featuring Beloved Baba, the mandali and the landscapes of India. Baba lovers everywhere are familiar with the impressionistic scenes he has painted of the Centre at Myrtle Beach in the United States. His portraits of Baba such as the “Guruprasad” profile are much loved. It is worth re-visiting his studio website for more recent portraits such as “The Real Me” with its soft skin tones and youthful, almost childlike quality; and also “My Great Uncle”, a radiant representation of Baba’s beaming smile.

Cherie Plumlee

David Berry

Cherie PlumleeCherie Plumlee does an original line in cards featuring a range of what might be called ‘pendant’ pictures of Baba, each one in its own cameo setting of flowers or birds such as cranes, all perfectly designed and executed. The site has the added interest of picture portrait cards, such as “Divine Invitation” and the haunting “Merwan”. The “Golden Reflections” portrait of Baba with Seclusion Hill in the background is also striking as are the lovely “Garden of Being” and “The Gift”. When visiting this website, you can’t miss “Jai Meher Baba!” – the Kalki Avatar on his winged white steed, divine sword held aloft, moving across a cloudscape of luminous colour.

David Berry

This website offers two sections: ‘The Art Times’,  described as “dedicated to bring you spiritually uplifting artwork and information”,  and ‘The New Humanity Times’ which aims to present stories and scientific news with a spiritual focus. Select the ‘Art’ option and enjoy an amazing collection of creative compositions which reveal Baba in a variety of unexpected and dramatic surroundings. “Surrender” is one of the ‘Ocean’ prints, depicting a winching rescue from lashing waves. “Coal Miner” shows Baba wearing a pit helmet, his eyes looking directly at you in the darkness, his face blackened with dust.”Swans” and “As I Should Be Loved” are gentler and beautiful as are the variety of paintings of birds, flowers and wildlife.

Diana LePage

Jane Hoskin

Diana LePageIn the bio section of her website Diana Le Page describes how she grew up in the United States and studied art in Paris. She also explains how in 1978, she moved to Australia where she married her husband Bill Le Page “and began drawing and painting Meher Baba which I have continued to do ever since. Because Meher Baba represents to me all that is beautiful and truthful, the natural meditation of drawing and painting Him is a deeply absorbing experience; one that has added immeasurably to the richness of my life”. She is also the artist who created 16 paintings depicting events in Meher Baba’s life to adorn the walls of the Dining Hall at the Meher Pilgrim Retreat in Meherabad, India.

Marius(Website pending). Jane writes: ‘The paintings I make are initially from photographs, then imagination comes into play and the work seems to take on a life of its own and can take sometimes over a year to complete. The medium I use is either gouache on paper or acrylic on canvas. Some time ago I heard a tape made by the woman mandali and Elaine Cox of ‘The Songs of Huma’, the ghazals written by Baba in the 1920’s, so the recent paintings that I have made of Baba are with these beautiful and sacred songs in mind. I have a deep love of Persian and Indian miniatures, not only for their jewel like quality but their aim, to capture a mystical world, the ‘alam al-khayal’ , which, although still within the world of imagination, stands above the physical as ‘a gateway to higher states of being’. The skill and perfection of these masters is a constant source of inspiration.

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Meher Baba Art
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