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Fortunate to Love Him

by Khorshed K Irani (1910-1999). 409pp PB £24.00 + £4.00 p&p UK

This new publication contains a wealth of stories told by one of Baba’s very earliest women disciples – some of us may have met Khorshed, as she spent the last years of her life in the Trust compound at Ahmednagar. But she was very young when she first encountered Baba and resolved to spend the rest of her life serving Him.

This substantial paperback edition, with many unique photos, is published by Sheriar Press.



The Joyous Path

by Heather Nadel. 1200pp in two volumes. Price £64.00 plus £3.85 p & p (UK only).
Drawing from her many years of working closely with Mani as her personal assistant, Heather has created a deep, masterful portrait of Mani's total, life-long devotion to her brother, the God Man. The story takes shape from Mani's Blue Bus Tour and New Life diaries, from recordings of her talks in Mandali Hall, from her letters and from many other first-hand materials. Includes 400 photographs and reproductions. Published 2015.


Divine Drama

by Bob Mossman. Biography of Charles Purdom. 386 pp PB £15.00 (6)
Purdom was a pioneer in many respects he was influential in the building of the two Garden Cities, Letchworth and Welwyn Garden City. He was a spiritual seeker and also had many talents in literature, theatre and philosophy. He became the editor of The Everyman magazine, that carried advertisements for the East Challacombe retreat, so was instrumental in attracting many of the early English Baba lovers. In 1931, Charles, aged 47, met Meher Baba on the Spiritual Master's first visit to the Western World. This contact altered his remaining years dramatically. In 1932 Charles began a biography of Meher Baba The Perfect Master published in 1937. He later wrote a more complete biography, The Godman was published in 1964.


One Fine Thread

Published 2014. £15.00 (16)

A collection of talks written by Kitty Davy between 1968 and 1990.

It will come as no surprise that they are dedicated to the one subject that comprised the entire focus of her life, namely, Avatar Meher Baba, her spiritual Master whom she loved and followed since their first meeting in London in 1931. These talks were given mainly at Meher Spiritual Center, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where Kitty lived from 1952 until her death in 1991 at age 100.


Slave Of Love

Biography of Dr. William Donkin by Bob Mossman, PB, 373 pp. Price £20.75 p&p £3.25. (13)

Published 2012, a very meticulously researched book about the young English doctor who gave up all prospects of a brilliant career in Britain to follow his heart to India and devote his life to serving Meher Baba. He was one of the New Life Companions and remained beside Baba until the end. Baba entrusted him with recording His work with the “masts” in The Wayfarers, published in 1948. Bob, who is a journalist has collected much information recorded by various members of Baba's mandali and other followers and builds a picture of this complex man. Also includes details of his family background that he left behind and rare photos complete the picture.



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by Meher Baba


A monumental work - Meher Baba's major and definitive statement about the workings and purpose of creation. Following the growth of consciousness in which God comes to know Himself. God Speaks offers the fullest and most authoritative explanation of the spiritual mechanics of the universe yet in print.


by Meher Baba


25 beautifully succinct messages on love, the structure of Creation, the master-disciple relationship and spiritual realization. All given by Meher Baba’s in the early 1960s.


by Meher Baba


An indispensable work, covering all aspects of spiritual life, from the most sublime to the most practical. Including discourses on discipleship, reincarnation, karma, the termination of the ego, meditation, sex and marriage, love, violence and non-violence, and much more. The best possible companion for anyone seeking spiritual direction.


by Charles B. Purdom


An old favourite, this remains one of the most authoritative and well-documented biographies of Meher Baba, carefully written by an English scholar who had access to disciples' diaries and personal accounts. Purdom brings intelligence, lucid thought and deep-felt conviction of Baba's divinity to his book, which takes us up to 1962.


by Tom and Dorothy Hopkinson


A well written biography: one of the most accessible accounts, introducing Baba's life and work to a Western audience, and reading His incarnation as ancient truths manifesting in contemporary form.


by William Donkin


First published in 1948 - corrected and approved by Baba Himself - this is a chronicle of Baba's work with the God-intoxicated or masts, so spiritually advanced in their yearning for God that they have lost touch with the ordinary world.



Thirteen key essays detailing the inner workings of the spiritual journey, piercing through intellectual formulae to direct and joyful perception of Divine Truth


by Meher Baba


Facsimile edition of "Explanations of Spirituality" written in 1925; recently discovered in Baba's own handwriting; light & darkness, the dream of creation and the awakening of the Self. Contains facsimile copy and transcription of each of the 39 pages and notes by Bhau Kalchuri. After 1927 Meher Baba stopped writing altogether.

Mehera Meher

MEHERA-MEHER - A Divine Romance

by David Fenster


The boxed three volume set draws deeply from Mehera's first hand narrative gathered from over 200 hours of tape recordings made by the author, between 1974 and 1982. To this he painstakingly researched and added other historical material from Mehera and those close to her to create an epic, 1700 page biography of Avatar Meher Baba's foremost woman disciple.

THAT'S HOW IT WAS Stories of Life with Meher Baba

by Eruch Jessawala


These are stories from Mandali Hall where Eruch shared them with pilgrim. Includes 50 pages of new stories plus the stories from "Determined to be His".


Narrated and edited by Don Stevens


A book that Baba Himself asked Don to write and recommended to the world; containing essential aspects of Baba's teachings, including Death and Immortality, Origins of War, Freedom, Sleep and Waking, Help to Others and Ways to the Path. Prefaced by a moving and lively account of a Sahavas programme attended by Don in 1958.


by Mani (Manija Sheriar Irani) Baba's sister and close disciple.


These letters were originally intended to keep Western lovers in close contact with Baba's activities between 1956 and 1969. Full of lively and revealing detail, they chronicle day-to-day life around Baba and give a fascinating intimate portrait of life at close quarters to the Avatar.

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