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Meher Baba - a New CD by Billy Nicholls

Meher Baba CD front cover

Meher Baba CD

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The London Meher Baba Centre urgently needs expensive archival storage facilities to preserve the many precious Baba artifacts in its possession.


To help raise funds for this project, singer, songwriter and long-term Baba lover Billy Nicholls has produced this beautiful 14 track album and cover artwork at his own expense.


Every penny raised from the sales of the CD will go towards the purchase of the much needed storage equipment.


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O Parvardigar DVD - Restored and Extended

O Parvardigar DVD

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This is a fully restored, widescreen version of the classic Baba film O Parvardigar.


The film has been extended and restored so that it can now be viewed as originally intended. The stereo recordings, from 32 years ago, have also been remastered into 5.1 digital sound. As with Avatar the artwork has been designed by Mike McInnerney and Dinah Lone and includes an extensive 32 page booklet and postcards of Meher Baba's Universal Prayer.


The DVD itself runs for over an hour and contains five video tracks (the restored version, the original version plus visuals on the Renovations process) and four audio tracks (the complete set including Pete Townshend singing O Parvardigar and previously unreleased versions of Pete performing Bargain and Time Is Passing live in India at Meher Baba's third Amartithi in January 1972).


Other features include sheet music, production shot logs, technical notes on film Renovations, photo album, printable pdf files and a new article on the subject by Pete.

Pete Townshend & Friends

Jai Baba Double CD

Jai Baba

£19.20 Delivered (UK Price)


For everyone who remembers the 3 UK Baba albums released in the 1970s this is a real treat.


All the tracks are here, plus a live performance of O'Parvardigar.


The remastered tracks sound wonderful and the packaging is exquisite.


It is nice to see, in the cover notes, the familiar names of Baba lovers who are not in the music business - Mike da Costa, David Hastilow and Lol Benbow. This shows what a community effort and a labour of love the original projects were.


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Jai Baba contains all three of the UK Baba albums Happy Birthday, I Am and With Love.


They were made in the early 1970s by Pete Townshend and friends, including Ronnie Lane, Billy Nicholls and Peter Hope-Evans.


Plus a bonus recording of O'Parvardigar, recorded by Pete Townshend at Baba's Tomb in India.


Jai Baba is a double CD


Track Listing


CD1: Poem, Evolution, Day of Silence, Allan Cohen Speaks, Mary Jane, Allan Cohen Speaks, The Seeker, Begin The Beguine, With A Smile Up His Nose They Entered, The Love Man, Meditation, O'Parvardigar (recorded live in India)


CD2: Forever's No Time At All, How To Transcend Duality And Influence People, Affirmation, Baba O'Riley, This Song Is Green, Everywhere I Look This Morning, Dragon, O'Parvardigar, Hail Avatar Meher Baba, Give It Up, Without Your Love, His Hands, Just For A Moment, Baba Blues, Meher, Contact, Gotta Know Ya, Sleeping Dog, All God's Mornings, Lantern Cabin.


All profits from the sale will go to the Meher Baba Trust in India and towards MEFA, the European Meher Baba Film Archive which looks after and restores much of the available footage of Meher Baba.

Pete Townshend


£8.40 Delivered (UK Price)


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This CD contains three versions of the Universal Prayer recorded by Pete Townshend.


The versions are: Pete's studio version, the live version recorded in India and a German language version that Pete recorded specifically for the opening of a European Baba Centre. Which has never been officially released.


All Profits from the CD will go to the Avatar Meher Baba Trust in India and to the Meher Baba European Film Archive.

Michael Da Costa

Lost & Found - The Best of Michael Da Costa's Songs for the Divine Beloved and His Lovers

Lost & Found


Other CDs by Michael are available:

  • Karmic Merry Go Round - songs and music

  • Ocean Waves - songs and music

  • Welcome To My World - songs and music

  • Garland Of Egos - dramatic monologues (encouraged by Eruch Jessawala)

  • A -Z Words And Things - performance poetry

  • Frail Love Tokens - a poetic meditation

All are £7.00 each plus carriage

Carriage: UK - £1.00, Europe - £1.50, R.O.W. - £2.60


Please send cheques or money orders in Pounds Sterling only

Baba followers all over the world have enjoyed Michael Da Costa's music for many years now, and with over fifty of his songs already available on audio cassettes, a CD collection was long overdue.


Michael has been writing poetry and songs for the pleasure of Meher Baba and His lovers since 1968.

Lost & Found contains 14 beautiful songs written and performed by Michael.


The lyrics of the opening track, To The Glory Of Love are written by Baba's sister Mani S. Irani.

On the closing track, And The Love Flows On, Michael is accompanied by Pete Townshend, Ronnie Lane and Ian McLagen.


This wonderful CD radiates true love for the Avatar and reminds us of our continuing relationship with Baba.


A true work of Love for the Beloved.


All profits from the sale will go to the MEHER BABA ASSOCIATION and the MEHER BABA TRUST in India


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