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Summary of Policies


To assist the smooth and consistent running of the Meher Baba Association, the Board has put in place a series of policies. Not only will this help the Board in its work, it will also benefit both future Board members, and the Association’s members generally, in understanding the basis upon which decisions are taken and implemented. Clear written policies will also help to ensure consistent

standards of practice and implementation when changes of personnel occur on the Board. Each policy is given a reference number, and the current policies are summarised below.


MBA 1 – Operational Policy of the Board of the Meher Baba Association


The way in which the Association operates, and its founding principles and practices, are set out formally in two key documents: the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association. To supplement these legal documents, the Board has agreed a set of operating principles which support and expand upon the terms of the Memorandum and Articles. These principles cover such things as the composition, roles and responsibilities of the Board and its Officers; finances; decisions and minutes.


MBA 2 – Provision of Funding (Bursaries)


The Board has agreed that it will, from time to time, provide financial assistance to members in certain specific circumstances; and that a certain amount will be identified each year as being available for this purpose, if required. This policy document sets out how, and under what circumstances, such funding may be requested, and how it will be accounted for. It aims to help enable participation in events and activities directly related to Baba’s life and work, such as seminars, conferences, pilgrimages and gatherings of members, but assumes that members will normally cover their own costs for such activities. Where a member is not able to do so, they may ask the Board for assistance. Whether or not such assistance is then provided will be entirely at the Board’s discretion, but help will not be unreasonably withheld. Members requesting and receiving financial assistance will be expected to adhere to the conditions laid down by the Board, and must be able to account for the way in which the money is then used, providing receipts and other such relevant information as the Board may require.


MBA 3 – Newsletter of the Meher Baba Association: Guidelines for editors and designers


This document establishes the current role and status of the MBA’s Newsletter, and provides broad guidance for those involved in producing it. The guidelines cover the principles and practices relating to the Newsletter, including both content and format. They also seek to clarify the way in which submitted copy should be dealt with, including in the editing process; the role of the Board in overseeing standards and consistency of content and approach; and the role and responsibilities of the editor(s). There is also reference to the financial aspects of the Newsletter, including subscriptions


MBA 4 – Travelling Expenses For Board Members


This policy deals with the provision of travelling expenses to enable Board members to attend meetings and carry out the necessary business of the Board without incurring financial hardship. It sets out the requirement for any Board member claiming expenses to do so using the required claim form. It also covers the obligation to provide the Treasurer with adequate receipts, or proof of travel, to support the claim. Members are encouraged to fund some or all of their travelling expenses where possible.


MBA 5 – Archive Policy Document for MBA


The Archive policy recognises the spiritual and historical importance of the MBA’s collection of artefacts, records and personal possessions, relating to Meher Baba’s life and work. It declares the MBA’s intention to preserve, maintain and protect this important collection, and sets out the means by which that is to be accomplished. It focuses on the nature, purpose and functions of the Archive Committee, and how the Committee’s important work is to be taken forward and funded. The policy identifies the need for the collection to be cared for and managed properly, and for access to information about the collection to be made as widely accessible as possible to the global community. It also identifies the steps that should be taken should proper care and management of the collection no longer be deemed possible or practicable.


MBA 6 - Guidelines for Communications Coordinator


This Guidance underpins the Board’s decision to create the role of a Communications Coordinator. It defines the nature of the Association’s communications and sets out the part played by the Coordinator in ensuring that communications between the Board, Association members, and other UK Baba lovers – whether by post, etc. or electronically - are timely, accurate and effective. It is hoped that this will help to enhance and develop our communications and avoid some of the problems with the dissemination of information that have been experienced from time to time in the past.

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