Meher Baba
Meher Baba's work

Meher Baba came into this world at a time of great spiritual stirring, upheaval and longing. His work manifests simultaneously at an individual and universal level.



His Individual Work


To those individuals who are drawn to Him by their searching and longing for God He offers intimate inner guidance. With infinite love and wisdom He sets them on a path to discover their true spiritual nature with a new hope in their hearts. His teachings give profound explanations of the meaning and purpose of creation, and offer general guidelines for the sincere spiritual seeker.

His Universal Work


On the larger stage His mission was, and is, to turn the tide of human history and awaken humanity from its deep slumber of ignorance, so that it might become aware of its divine destiny. It is His responsibility to pull the world back from the destructive horror of man's inhumanity to man and deliver it into a life in which, "Love will not only establish peace, harmony and happiness in social, national and international spheres, but it will shine with its own purity and beauty."

His Spiritual Status


Meher Baba was unequivocal about who He is.


He is not, he says, one of the many gurus and spiritual guides who are abundant at this time. He is the 'One' whose return is awaited by many yearning souls.


He is the Christ, the Saviour, the Prophet, the Avatar. He is no less than God himself, taking human form yet again.


He referred to Himself as "The Highest of the High", as "The Ancient One", "The Eternal Indivisible One", who comes out of love at our times of greatest need,


"To give a fresh dispensation of the one and only eternal Truth."


He has come, He says, many times: as Zoroaster, as Rama, as Krishna, as Buddha, as Jesus, as Mohammed and now as Meher Baba.


"In order to raise humanity from the pit of ignorance and to free them from the bondage of delusions."






Meher BabaMeher BabaMeher Baba

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