Meher Baba Art

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Katie Rose

Laurie Blum

Katie RoseBhau Kalchuri said of this artist, ‘I think she has been doing this painting since Buddha’s time.’ Katie herself writes, ‘painting Baba is a supreme blessing and a most absorbing meditation.’ Her painting style is robustly spontaneous in a straight-from-the-heart way that gives real immediacy. In these portraits Baba is demanding our attention and remembrance! A visit to her two pages of portraits featured on the Flickr website is in itself a powerful meditation. The electricity of that burst of joy in “Baba Laughing”, the warmth of “Welcome to My World”, and the impact of the 3-D effect in the “Soul of My Soul” portrait all make an indelible impression. The contrasting stillness of “Reflective in Seclusion” and “Baba in the Wind” conveys an intimation of the tranquility of His presence. Light plays an indefinable role in many of these works. “Baba Landscape” is a well known pose of Baba pausing on a pathway, yet the painting conveys an ephemeral quality as though his form is just appearing there momentarily.

Laurie BlumHere is another website that offers much in terms of background and technical detail. In her ‘Insights’ section, LaurieBlum shares an in depth portrayal of her personal development as an artist. Many of us will have read with admiration the recent accounts of Laurie’s unique painting travels in Iran and even if we’ve not yet had the chance to view an exhibition of her works, several have been seen reproduced in reviews. This website gives some vibrant, colourful examples of her earlier works with a picnic scene representing Baba in France in 1937; and also a painting of Baba with children. Other more recent works displayed show “My Inner Garden”; an exuberant “Wine Shop” composition; the “Hafiz Tomb” painting, and the fascinating colours, feathers and flowers of “Birds”.

Marla Faith

Patricia Migdoll

Marla FaithAnother gem worth discovering on this webpage with its unexpected range of artistic talent on show; a wonderful charcoal or pastel drawing of Baba with a mother and baby called “Saving Grace”; “Angel Hanuman” which is done in the style of an illuminated manuscript; and “Dear Mehera”, a lovely portrait of Mehera in a garden landscape with fawns, flowers and a decoration of blue beads.

Patricia MigdollVisit here to discover the work of an Australian artist who paints in a classical style that gives many of her works the quality of paintings done by old masters. Her portraits of Meher Baba are all distinctive in this way and the still life paintings also seem to capture the meditational stillness of a painter such as Vermeer. The website is outstandingly beautiful.

Nadia Wolinska -

Phyllis Ott

Nad WolinskaYou can find the work of this artist at the above website by name search and her introduction simply says, “my paintings reveal an energy vision that transcends feelings, emotions, ideas and symbols”. Her art certainly delivers all this with a feeling for light, movement and tonal harmonics. “Abiding In” is a just such a whirling abstraction with a visionary quality; “I explore the Invisible” seems to move towards a transformation of the unfathomable into the fathomable; the dynamic “Spirit Wind” is similarly inspirational. One can only imagine the effect of being able to stand and look at the originals.

Phyllis OttThe ‘Mystical Images’ website gives information about the artist and features some great examples of her work done at the Meher Spiritual Centre at Myrtle Beach over the past 40 years. Phyllis Ott describes her early meetings with Meher Baba and how He asked her to bring Lynn to meet Him. The story of Lynn Ott’s subsequent encounter with the Avatar of the Age is well known as are the many powerful paintings Lynn produced during the rest of his life. Phyllis’s crucial role as his assistant and constant muse has maybe eclipsed her own distinctive artwork. If you’ve not been there, go and see the ‘Soft Portrait’ of Baba done in gold and ‘light’. ‘Death and Ascension’ also painted in glimmering light; ‘Meher Baba and the Seven Deadly Sins’ – Baba stands, crowned, in the centre of this group, looking weighed down. Who are these attendants? Hypocrisy, Greed, Anger, they are all there and ‘Wedding Guests’ a vivid interpretation of life, joy, dance and celebration set against a seashore, ocean background.

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Meher Baba Art
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