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MBA 2 - Provision of Funding (Bursaries)

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Policy on Provision of Funding to Assist Individual Members


The Board has agreed to provide funding, in exceptional circumstances, for members requiring financial assistance in attending events/activities etc. relating to Baba, and normally only within the UK. This paper sets out the Board’s agreed policy relating to the allocation of, and accounting for, such funding. Board members are expected to use their discretion in applying this policy and will at all times do so with care and compassion, whilst taking due account of their responsibilities as Trustees of the Meher Baba Association.


Applications for Funding

1. There should always be a presumption that members will fund their own activities unless there are extenuating circumstances that the Board believes justify direct funding by the MBA.


2. The Board may agree, exceptionally, to fund activities which are consistent with the MBA’s role and purpose as set out in the Memorandum of Association [and in the Board’s constitution]. Such activities might include attendance at seminars, conferences, significant gatherings of members, etc. where these are directly related to the life and work of Meher Baba, and which the Board believes contribute to the furtherance of His spiritual work.


3. Before funding can be considered, a formal request should be made to the Board by the individual concerned, using the funding application form > click here. Such applications must be made sufficiently in advance of the event for which funding is required in order to allow the Board time to make a properly informed decision about whether to allow funding and, if so, how much that should be.


4. All recipients of funding must confirm to the Board, within 2 weeks of the event - such as seminars, conferences, pilgrimages and gatherings - for which the funding was provided, that the money they have been allocated has been used as set out in their application. They shall also be required to provide full and proper receipts, showing how the money has been spent.


5. Wherever possible, any funding provided shall be in the form of a direct payment for a specified cost or costs, (e.g. as advance payment for accommodation, transport tickets, etc.), rather than simply giving the money to the person seeking the funding.


6. It is understood that regular funding for the same individual would be very much the exception and would seldom be agreed.

Actions and Responsibilities of the Board

7. The Board shall set aside a small annual budget to assist people on an ad hoc basis in line with this policy, with the actual sum to be confirmed at the AGM and to come into force at the beginning of the subsequent financial year.


8. Normally, any money within the funding budget that is unallocated and unused at the end of each financial year shall be subsumed back into the general funds of the Association, although the Board has the discretion to allow such money to carry over into the next financial year.


9. Within the year’s agreed funding budget, the Board shall determine and agree what the upper limit of funding shall be for any individual within that financial year. Allocation of funds shall be determined on a case by case basis within that limit.


10. It is a requirement for the MBA, as a registered charity, to monitor and account for its expenditure properly and openly. The Board will therefore appoint two of its members to be responsible, jointly with the Treasurer, for ensuring that applications for funding are scrutinised properly and that the terms of this policy are being adhered to at all times.

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