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Meher Baba Association - Guidelines for Communications Coordinator


1. Good communications are at the heart of any effective organisation. They are even more important for an organisation, such as the Meher Baba Association, whose members are widely dispersed and who rely on varying types of media via which to receive information from the Association. The role of the Communications Coordinator, appointed by the Board, is therefore a key one in respect of ensuring that the Association’s communications are handled in the most effective way possible.


2. It will be the primary responsibility of the Communications Coordinator to ensure that all communications from the Board to its members, and to the wider Baba community in the UK, reach their intended audience without undue delay and in the most appropriate format.


3. The MBA’s communications are issued through the following media:

  • Email

  • Letter and other postal means

  • Listserv

  • Facebook

  • MBA website

4. It will be the function of the Communications Coordinator:

  • to handle all outward communications to members and Baba lovers in the UK,

  • to ensure that all such communications are timely, accurate and correctly targeted,

  • to ensure that the database of members is correct and up-to-date,

  • to maintain up-to-date details of the communications preferences of all members,

  • to maintain up-to-date contact details of other UK Baba lovers, as appropriate,

  • to make the Board aware of any problems that come to light with communications and propose effective solutions,

  • to monitor the ongoing effectiveness of the MBA’s communications methods,

  • to suggest changes and improvements as necessary,

  • to provide the Board with relevant reports and updates when asked to do so.


5. Responsibility for the actual content and timing of all communications shall continue to rest with the author(s) and/or providers of the relevant information. Content shall not be altered or amended except with the prior authority of the author(s) and/or the Board.


6. The Board will retain overall responsibility for all material issued in its name, or on behalf of the MBA. If there is any doubt about the accuracy, suitability, etc. of any communications, or about the intended recipients, then the Communications Coordinator should seek clarification from the author(s) and/or the Board’s Co-Chairs at the earliest opportunity.

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